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#DB.7200691: Sayfglida Removable Lifeline cable slider shuttle

#DB.7200691:  Sayfglida Removable Lifeline cable slider shuttle
#DB.7200691:  Sayfglida Removable Lifeline cable slider shuttle #DB.7200691:  Sayfglida Removable Lifeline cable slider shuttle #DB.7200691:  Sayfglida Removable Lifeline cable slider shuttle
Product Code: #DB.7200691
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Dimensions: 8'' X 8'' X 4'' (LxWxH)
Weight: 1.80lb
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Hands Free 100% tie off cable slider, automatically pass over intermediate brackets with this self locking, multi weheled shuttle. Just add a lanyard or self retracting lifeline to work with the safest and easiest fall arrest system ever.

Fits 5/16" 8mm, 3/8" 9.5 10mm, 1/2" 12mm Galvanized or Stainless Steel Cables

The Sayfglida Stainless steel cable slider provides hands free travel on various wire rope cable lifelines, lock unlock feature easily allows works to remove the shuttle slider for easy inspection and storage. Guide roller wheels allow the smoothest travel on cable horizontal lifelines at any level and bypass intermediate brackets with ease so they never need to be taken off

Uses: Overhead travel, side or shoulder level unrestricted movement between intermediate bracket supports on horizontal lifelines, single or multi span.
Use with: Travel restraint or shock energy absorbing lanyards, SRL's Self retracting lifelines.
Anchor D ring Chrome zinc plated

Railcar, Truck, Overhead Bridge Cranes, Runways, Exposed Walkways, Aircraft Hangars, Arenas-Rigging, Warehouse Distribution Racking, Piperacks, Window washing, Rooftops, Modular home building, Truck trailers, Railcars, Convention centers, Areans, MTASS, MARTA, Elevated walking surfaces, Busses, Mass transit, Bridges, Conveyors, Tanks, Water treatment plants, Waste water reclamation


•    Sayflink Sleeve - provides hands-free bypass of the intermediates and maximum freedom of movement, allows user to attach to or detach (easily removes) from the lifeline at any point along the system.
•    Engineered System - computer fall analysis program calculates worst case fall scenarios, number of uses will be dependent on the application.
•    Stainless Steel Components - reduces premature weakening from corrosion and maintains strength and durability.
•    Intermediate Brackets -  available in many different configurations to suit your specific work environment including corner units which allow the lifeline to traverse up to 90 degree corners.
•    Energy Absorbing Design - In the event of a fall, the system reduces the force applied to the user to under 900 lbs.
•    Lifeline Construction - 1/2" diameter cable reduces deflection of cable during fall and allows longer distances between spans.
•    Engineered Anchor Points - a series of "StrongArm Anchoring Frames" have been developed when applications are such that existing anchor points are not available.
o    Standard inverted "L" and "T" shaped designs available, pre-engineered and designed for cost savings.
o    Custom building mounted designs are available to suit specific job site requirements.
o    Fully engineered and designed to withstand a worst-case fall as well as meeting all clearance requirements


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