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Synthetic Ropes - Webbing

Synthetic Ropes - Webbing

A horizontal lifeline system may appear to be a basic line strung between two anchors. It is not! Proper engineering is critical to ensure a safe lifeline. Typical failures involve improper calculation of clearance, no account for sag in the lifeline, misunderstanding of anchorage strength and location. When a fall is experienced on a horizontal lifeline, the load is magnified back to the anchorage point generating tremendous force. The amount of sag amplifies the forces on the end anchors. Other factors include the number of workers using the system, overall length and the material used. Precision engineered systems that have endured rigorous testing and meet OSHA and ANSI requirements take the guesswork out of putting together a horizontal fall protection system

PURPOSE: For fall arrest protection when working from heights

Each system Includes safety manual, Installation instructions, Fall clearance guide, Inspection log


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