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#DB.M200: Fall arrest two user jib with 12 foot 3.7m or 15 foot 4.6m boom reach

#DB.M200: Fall arrest two user jib with 12 foot 3.7m or 15 foot 4.6m boom reach
#DB.M200: Fall arrest two user jib with 12 foot 3.7m or 15 foot 4.6m boom reach #DB.M200: Fall arrest two user jib with 12 foot 3.7m or 15 foot 4.6m boom reach #DB.M200: Fall arrest two user jib with 12 foot 3.7m or 15 foot 4.6m boom reach
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* #DB.M200-Swing jib: 12 foot 3.7m or 15 foot 4.6m offset mast reach:

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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Figure 1 illustrates the 3M™ DBI-SALA  Flexiguard™ Modular Jib System M100 Adjustable Jib Boom. The M100 Jib System is  
used to provide an adjustable Fall Arrest anchor point for a worker. These instructions cover use of the M100 Jib Boom, but use  
of the M100 Jib System requires use of a Jib Base (sold separately) in addition to the Jib Boom. For a list of compatible Jib Base  
models, see Figure 1.

Figure 2 illustrates components of the M100 Jib Boom. See Table 1 for Component Specifications.

The Fixed Upright Assembly (A) serves as the main body of the Jib Boom. The Gusset (C) braces the Rail Assembly (D), which  
lets the user move within the established work area. The Connection Eye (E) secures an SRD as a connection point for the user.  
The Lifting Ring (F) is used to secure a chain or web strap for transporting the system. For B2 models, the Adjustment Channel  
(M) enables height adjustment of the Jib Boom. For B1 models, the Adjustable Upright Assembly (B) enables height adjustment in  
coordination with the Adjustment Winch (G). The cable of the Adjustment Winch is connected to the Jib Boom through a series of  
pulleys, including the Lower Pulley of the Locking Assembly (I) and Upper Pulley (J). The Rotation Handle (H) allows for rotation  
of the Jib Boom after placement. The Rotation Pin (K) secures the Jib Boom to prevent rotation. For B1 models, the Transportation  
Pin (L) is used to secure the Jib Boom during transportation.

Table 1  –  Specifications
System Specifications:
Capacity :  One person with a combined weight (clothing, tools, etc.) of no more than 310 lb. (140 kg).
Anchorage: See the User Instructions for your Jib Base for more information on loading requirements of structure.
Dimensions: See Figure 1 for the dimensions of each M100 Jib Boom model.
Product Weight: See Figure 1 for the weight of each M100 Jib Boom model.
Maximum Arresting Force: All connecting subsystems (SRDs, Energy-Absorbing Lanyards, etc.) used with the Jib Boom must limit the Maximum Arresting Force to 1,350 lbf (6.0 kN).
Maximum Deflection: The Maximum Deflection of the system during a fall arrest is measured to be 17.0 in. (432 mm). This value should be added to any calculated Fall Clearance requirements for your connecting subsystem.
Certification: M100 Adjustable Jib Booms when used with 3M Jib Bases:
Portable Bases  EN795.2012

OSHA 1926.502

OSHA 1910.140

8530869 Certified (Type E)   Certified
8530870 Certified (Type E) Certified
8530873 Certified (Type B) Certified
Permanent Bases    
8530871 Meets (Type A) Certified
8530872 (8530918, 8530919) Meets (Type A) Certified
Jib Boom Compatibility: The M100 Jib Boom models covered in these instructions are compatible only with those Jib Base models listed on the front cover of these instructions.

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